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Friends of the Earth

Some organisations represent people who are opposed to mobile phone masts and actively campaign against them. We think they are wrong. But we do believe in open debate. We also think the independent scientific evidence that supports our view of mobile telephony is very strong. So, rather than pretending that these organisations or their opinions don't exist, we have included links to their websites here, so that you can judge for yourself.

Mast Sanity, a branch of Campaign Planning Sanity


Radiation Research Trust

Other Information Sources

Sense About Science - is a charitable trust, founded in 2002, to promote an evidence-based approach to scientific issues in the public domain. The trust works with organisations, experts and opinion formers to encourage this approach, particularly in areas of controversy.

Recent work includes a discussion paper, Peer Review and the Acceptance of New Scientific Ideas this can be found at: and a booklet, Making Sense of Radiation - A Guide to Radiation and Its Health Effects, this can be found at:

Science Media Centre - is an independent venture working to promote the voices, stories and views of the scientific community to the news media when science is in the headlines.

A leaflet setting out information on the peer review process can be found at:

INTECH Science Centre - a hands-on interactive science and technology centre, where one of the new exhibits explains the science behind the mobile phone

The MOA is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.


89.9 Million Mobile Subscriptions

Mobile telecommunications are vital for the UK’s economic competitiveness and in promoting social inclusion. There are now 89.9 million subscriptions in the UK. In Q1 2015 61% of UK adults used their mobile phone for internet access. Tablet ownership is 54% of UK households. Operators are working with Ofcom to extend the benefits of mobile communications as widely as possible; 99.7% of UK premises (homes and businesses) had outdoor 2G coverage from at least one operator; 3G coverage is slightly lower at 99.3% and 4G has reached 89.5%.

Smartphone ownership 

Two thirds of all adults (66%) now own a smartphone, this is on a par with laptop ownership. The proportion of adults that accessed the internet on a mobile handset increased to 61%. Over half of households (54%) had a tablet computer. Twenty eight percent of individuals now own an e-reader.